Paparazzi & Reporters

The Paparazzi's are an exceptional welcoming act perfect for bringing a touch of glitz and glam to your event. The stylishly dressed comedy correspondents are a a female double act, both professional actresses, who welcome your guests like they are genuine celebrities, with a humorous twist.

The cheeky and fun Northern lasses don the persona of their American counterparts. They stop and ‘interview’ your guests as they enter your event offering an unforgettable meet and greet experience. They create a wonderful atmosphere for the very start of your event with an experience guests always love. As well as treating your guests as celebrities they create fun, mayhem and lots of smiles that last long after their meeting.

You can book on their own to provide fun interactive entertainment with your guests or alongside a photographer or videographer who will actually pap your guests as they are stopped by the meet and greet act. You also have the option to book extras such as super fans, bodyguards and more. All photos and footage will be yours after then event.

Bringing the thrill of the red carpet to your event, the comedy correspondents bring a bit of quirky fun to birthday parties, corporate functions, private events, Christmas staff parties and much more. The cheeky ladies sure are a real novelty to make your event memorable. The meet and greet duo comes with fully customisable microphones and Access All Areas passes that can include the details of your event or occasion.

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