Flash Mob

Flash Mob performances are amazing, productive, and can be created with as little as 4 dancers in any style of dance & singers.
This is the perfect kind of entertainment, if you want to incorporate a surprise element.
All our Flash Mob dancers & singers are professionally trained, and experienced in producing amazing Flash Mob performances.

Booking a Flash Mob is a great option if you want to create your own bespoke performance.
Flash Mobs can be any theme i.e; Rock, Street Dance, Samba, Tap, Greatest showman, Musical Theatre to name but a few and can be performed anywhere to suit any event or occasion.
The flash mob can be tailored to fit any theme – previous events have include the traditional waiters service, a Grease / Hand Jive, a Michael Jackson Thriller, Gold Living Statue,  Storm Troopers and even a Superhero flashmob.... The skies the limit.

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